Aneurin Jones (1930 – 2017) Welsh Artist

Barley Saturday
Sadwrn Barlys III – Barley Saturday III

Aneurin Jones (1930 – 2017) Welsh Artist is quoted as saying “The world of my childhood was also a world of horses, when everyone farmed with horses and travelled on horseback”. (The Life and work of artist Aneurin Jones, 2014) 

Aneurin Jones was a Welsh rural scenic artist that sadly passed away this week. Horses were the subject of many of his paintings including Working Horses, Welsh Cob show stallions, feral Welsh Mountain Ponies and horses at the Fair.

The Heavy Horse

The admiration Aneurin Jones had for the horse is plain to see. In the painting Barley Saturday, the horse is made the focus as he is proudly paraded through streets of a Welsh town. The animal would have been a Working Horse and this would have probably been his day off, a chance to wear his best brasses and show off to the adoring crowd. The sun shines on the centre of the painting casting shadows on the ground, the blue hue giving a calming feel to the paint giving a calmness befitting of a noble Heavy Horse.


Welsh Cob

Aneurin’s Welsh Cob paintings show the partnership between strutting stallions and strong armed handlers. In the painting Tyswysog (Welsh for Prince) the handler is trying to contain the energy of the virile stallion. Mirroroing each other’s prowess. Sketched quickly to capture the moment.


Ffair geffylau . Horse fair
Ffair geffylau . Horse fair


Horse Fair

In sharp contrast in the Horse Fair paintings the partnership is broken between man and horse. Aneurin has the buyers at the Fair huddled together in negotiation and close contact debate on the worth of the horse. The men are painted in dull workmen like colours but the bay horse shines brightly from the glare of the distant sun.


Ceffylau Gwyn II
Feral Horses

Welsh Mountain Pony

The Welsh Mountain Pony played a very important part in Aneurin Jones’ upbringing, as he was brought up near the Black Mountain were the ponies lived, he loved grey ponies “I am convinced that a white horse has mystical qualities”. (The Life and work of artist Aneurin Jones, 2014) In the painting to the left the ponies are bunched together, furtive, he captures  their slight apprehension. It is obvious that he has studied them watching the way they interact and their individual characteristics. The pony on the far left with the black forelock stands and stares at the artist questionally. Under the shadow of the hill beyond.

Aneurin Jones’ art focuses on individuals, be they horses or men. He captures their characters, their personalities and how this relates to the environment they live in. The colours Aneurin used reflect the Welsh climate and landscape. They are a true reflection of Welsh rural life and with his death we lose a great, insightful, era defining artist. 

Please see this page’s link to view some of his horse paintings, which one do you like? Do you have any Aneurin Jones paintings? Please let me know what you think. If time allows I will translate the above post to Welsh soon.

Diolch am ddarllen, Marchoges x





40 Amazing Horsey Things to do When You’re 40!

1977 – I was there…

Well just sneaking in towards the end of that great year. Red Rum had won the Grand National for the third time, the only horse ever to have done so and it was the first year that a female jockey took part. Both Charlie Chaplin and Elvis Presley sadly passed away, Elvis incidentally at one stage owned many horses on his ranch.

I arrived into the world with hair to suit the times that stuck up like the best of the punk rockers, into an ordinary family with absolute no connection to horses. In fact I was never really aware of horses, I do have a vague recollection of being sat on a hunter when I was very small and feeding carrots to a dark bay in the village. I also remember reading the The Silver Brumby novels (which is now described as a modern classic on Waterstones website), but apart from that it wasn’t until I was a teenager my interest in horses grew.

So what changed…

The change probably came from living on a farm, I think I thought it was kind of compulsory to have a pony, quite a few disasters with various unsuitable ponies and horses were to follow. I soon realised that I needed more knowledge and information on these unpredictable, noble, beautiful beasts so following many hours staring at a prospectus for a equestrian college in the school library, on leaving school I set off for pastures new to learn more about horses.

In between then and now, there have been many horses, numerous adventures and amazing memories. However I now reach a crossroads, the intended career in the equine world never really materialised, but it’s something I have never been able to fully let go of, so with my 40th year rapidly approaching I’m deliberating on whether to still try and pursue that elusive vocation or to keep it as a lifestyle shall we say, either way I have a lot of ideas whirring in my head of things I will like to achieve in the following year. 

The Big Idea…

I’ve tossed around ideas and suggestions, flung them from side to side and come up with I think with a worthy challenge, to complete 40 amazing horsey experiences to celebrate my 40 years on planet earth.

So far they will possibly involve me studying for further horsey qualifcations, a long distance trial ride with a 40 theme (40 notable landmarks, hills, pubs even?? – that sounds like a really good idea just now!), some rides for charity as well, attempting to do some new equestrian sports, visiting and spectating at new horsey events (starting with my first trip to Olympia to celebrate a certain Birthday!! – so excited), reading and reviewing horsey books and films and generally immersing myself even further to the world of equine. 

Here come the trickly bit many of these things I would love to achieve with my beloved mare, (known here as Khatresha) who has been my ally for nearly 20 years, but of course she is now getting on a bit and the big question is – how much more does she really want to do. Could I afford, have the time for another horse? I certainly could never replace her. I also have a young family to consider (who do have a pony of their own) so there is going to be a lot of time negotiation and organising; it’ll be fun to say the least.

Come enjoy the ride!

Therefore I hope you enjoy coming along with me for the ride, your suggestions of 40 wonderful things to do will be greatly appreciated it, you can let me know you’re thoughts by contacting me by email Marchoges Facebook Page, Twitter Marchoges Page and join in with my general love of all things equine. I will keep you up to date on here, with my lovely new name Marchoges, my posts will mostly be in English but occasionally I will delve into the langauge of my Homeland of Cymru/Wales, in any language I hope you find my stories entertaining. For now, Diolch am ddarllen a phob hwyl / thanks for reading and best wishes, Marchoges x.