Fun in the sun at Powys Castle

Fun Ride in the Sun at Powys Castle by Marchoges

The Fun Ride was an unique opportunity to ride on the land of  Powys Castle, Welshpool, a National Trust property.  The Fun Ride was in support of the Montgomeryshire Royal Welsh Fundraising Committee. Even the sun had got the memo and finally came out to shine on proceedings.

Powys Castle Fun Ride Poster

Poster for the Fun Ride at Powys Castle

The amount of getting out and about we do these days in limited. Sunday was an exception, I had penciled in the Fun Ride onto the calendar sometime ago. It wasn’t only me that thought this was a wonderful idea, but an estimated 260 other riders thought that riding around Powys Castle would be a great experience. 

Powys Castle Trailers

Back at the trailer park

One of my concerns, was that all the horses would be big and posh. It turned out that there were plenty of ordinary joes there. They came in old chugging horseboxes, scruffy trailers (like mine) or stock trailers. It all made for a great atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. 

Great Route

The Fun Ride route was probably one of the most memorable  because of the spectacular views over Montgomeryshire. There was no gates instead open countryside with a variety of landscape including woods, parkland and grazing with no livestock. The route was beautifully laid out and well marshaled. I set out riding by myselinitially with Husband on foot, but he decided to take the shorter route – with hindsight is what I should have done. 

Powys Castle Woods

Peaceful de-tour back to base

We plodded our way a long and I was very grateful to one lady that let us shadow her.  However after the first half of the ride poor horsey got very hot and bothered and our lack of our preparation really stood out. We decided to retire gracefully and took a short cut back to the trailer.

A Good Day Out

I was a little deflated as there so many inviting parts to the ride that were crying out to be cantered.  There were also optional jumps for the brave and plenty of opportunities for a good trot, but you have to put your horse first. This has of course raised lots of questions about my wonderful horse, does she want to be carted off to these places, I’m pretty sure she’d prefer to be stood at home grazing, do I think of her now as being semi-retired? Should I get another horse so I can do these things?

It will take great thought and only time will tell, but your comments would be greatly appreciated also.

Diolch am ddarllen, yntan tro nesaf, Marchoges x



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