How do you buy a New Horse? Where to look

How do you buy a New Horse?

Good Question. Though maybe the question should be, how do you buy the right horse? 

There are so many methods to search now..

Regular methods to buying a new horse include:

  1. Adverts by private individuals – these will often be on websites such as Horsemart or maybe print publications like Horse and Hound

    Horses for Sale

    Horses for Sale

  2. Facebook groups e.g. Horses and Ponies for Sale in Wales
  3. Auction – I’m guessing a breed auction is preferable or am I being snobbish?? One argument in favour of auctions is that horses are sold under warranty. You wouldn’t get this if you bought a horse privately. 
  4. A Reputable Dealer – the best ones have up to date websites and are good business people. The reputation rests on the sale of the last horse, so it’s in their best interest to have happy clients.
  5. A Charity – who take abandoned and neglected horses for rehoming Blue Cross, World Horse WelfareRSPCA.
  6. Rehoming, Loaning, Sharing – Many people don’t actually wish to sell their horse. Now there are more options to keep a horse Homes4Horses, RightHorseRightHome
  7. Word of Mouth – I guess if you’re really active in the horse world e.g. you hunt or in the Pony Club, then maybe someone knows someone that’s selling a suitable horse.

My present horsethe love of my horsey life has been with me for nearly 20 years. I bought her, or rather my Father did as a 4 year old. She was sold to us, on behalf of the owner by the man that had backed her. She wasn’t always amazing, she used to nap when I first got her, but she was only young – and it’s always worth a try isn’t it. 

The other horse that I owned for many years, a gelding named Duke who I bought from a newspaper advert (you don’t see much of that anymore) and I also knew the vendors. It also just so happened that my Mother won a bit of money on the lottery and decided to give to me to buy a horse. He was with me for many years before passing away peacefully in the field. Other horses I have bred them myself, but I haven’t kept those ones as we didn’t gel, ironically.

On the look out to buy

Therefore, now with my beloved mare ageing, I am started to look for a new friend. So where to begin. Well I’ve started with the usual online Facebook selling groups in the area, I look regularly on the selling websites e.g. Horsemart and I’ve contacted a dealer. However, the option that I’m most unsure about is buying a horse from an auction. I applied for a catalogue last week for the renowned Autumn Welsh Cob Sale  at Builth Wells. I have been to the sale before, but it was many years ago and I didn’t buy a horse. It’s the ideal place if you are looking for a young Welsh horse and you have the capability and confidence to bring the horse on at home. I’m just not sure that’s me.

So far, I haven’t actually made that brave step of going to see a horse. I’m waiting for the one. I’ve come close, but it seems the horse in question was everybody else’s “The One” too, so I was in a queue. Somewhere near the back. 

My plan is to keep looking out, to be open minded, be willing to compromise and some time soon, definitely maybe Go for it! Please let me know how I should be going about this quest and how you came by your equine partner on Facebook page and Twitter – Marchoges.

Hwyl am y tro, Marchoges x


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